Sea washing to be stopped as protest against Allapad mining gathers momentum

With protest strengthening in Allapad, Kollam, over mining activities, the Kerala government has decided to stop sea washing as part of the mineral sand mining.

Though the government has come up with such a decision, the protest committee has made it clear that they would go ahead with the agitation.

After holding a meeting with the protestors in Thiruvananthapuram, Industries Minister E P Jayarajan said that sea washing will be stopped for a month till the report is got from the expert committee. However, he said that inland washing will continue.

He also said that the sea wall in Alappad will be strengthened. However, the members of the protest committee alleged that the mining industry was more dearer to the government than the people living in Alappad.

He also asked the protestors to withdraw from the agitation as sea washing, which was one of the major demands of the people, has been stopped.

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