First survey of women in maritime industry

By Sradha Meloot

With more women joining the maritime industry than ever before, a new initiative has been taken up for gathering information regarding women workforce in the maritime industry. 

Once known as men’s job, maritime industry has changed a lot with more and more women joining the force. The survey has been taken up coinciding with the theme of ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’ coined by International Maritime Organization’s World Maritime Day 2019.

This is the first time that data on women workforce in maritime industry in the country is being collected. The initiative has been taken up by Sitara Shipping Ltd and is aimed at empowering the women community. Three types of surveys are being done – one for women working in offices and shores, the next one for sea fearers onboard ships and the last one is for employers or owners. As of now, there is no data of Indian women who are working in maritime sector.

Once the data is collected, the women in the industry think that it would help in promoting equality and better work culture. The data collection would also look into what kind of work or in which level are the women employed in the industry. It would also look into the women friendly aspects that are practised in work places. The initiative has the support of the Director General of Shipping. The data collection is no doubt will help in empowering women in the industry.

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