Indian Navy to get turbines from GE

GE Marine has entered into a contract for supplying gas turbine auxiliary equipment for Indian Navy’s P17 A frigates.

GE would be providing the equipment for LM2500 engines for seven ships of the naval force. GE Marine will provide gas turbine auxiliary equipment for the LM2500 engines that will power the Indian Navy’s new P17A frigates. Gas turbine controller, fire fighting equipment, intakes and uptakes, start skid, water wash, fuel forwarding are the auxillary equipment that are being provided by GE. Apart from this, they will also provide service support to the shipyards.

The GE will also be providing electric starters for the turbines. The P17A frigate is powered by a combined diesel/gas turbine configuration. It has 2 GE LM2500 marine gas turbines and 2 two diesel engines.The LM2500 gas turbines is being assembled in the country by the Industrial and Marine Gas Turbine division of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore.  Partnering with HAL, GE has already provided eleven LM2500 gas turbines to the Navy. This includes engines that power P17 frigates Satpura, Shivalik and Sahyadri. 

GE South Asia president and CEO Vishal Wanchoosaid that the company was honoured for providing equipment to Indian Navy. As world class manufacturers marine products, he said that GE will deliver equipment that could also be reliable and that is customised to suit the Navy’s requirements.

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