Fisheries have slow death as sea water becomes warmer

By Sradha Meloot

With the waters in the ocean becoming warmer, the fish wealth is dwindling and the fisheries or fish clusters the world over is said to have witnessed a four percent decrease in fish wealth in the last 80 years.

Apart from the decrease in the numbers, the researchers also found a decrease in the number of certain species of fisheries because of water warming. It has also been found that fish size has also decreased in some regions. The study was published recently in a major science journal.

Though an overall decrease was found, they found an increase in the number of fishes in certain fisheries because of the climatic phenomenon. The researchers found that the fish wealth in North Sea and Sea of Japan were the worst hit because of the increase of water temperature.

Several studies are in place that has found the adverse impact of warming in fish wealth.
The researchers have analysed that some of the fisheries have shrunk in size because of warming. As the fisheries grow smaller, the fishes find it hard to get food and even reproduce. Moreover, warm waters are also known to destroy zooplankton, which is considered an essential food for the fishes.

Poor management of fisheries and over fishing is said to adversely affect the fishing population. Scientists and experts point out the need to have a proper mechanism for fisheries management for sustaining the population.

And if this trend continues, the scientists fear that many of the fisheries would be lost in a few years to come. It is estimated that the demand for fish catch is going to be doubled in the coming years with no ending to the increase in population. With global warming having its adverse impact on the oceans, it is high time that the world leaders find a solution to this.

The dwindling fish catch is not only going to have an impact on food security but it would also hit a large number of people who make a living with this. The global leaders have to think of bringing in more restrictions in catching fish.

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