Light to be shed on unknown depths of Indian ocean

By Anupama Vimal

In the coming days, the world is going to have ample information regarding the depths of the Indian Ocean. A group of scientists led by Nekton, a British based Non profit research institute, embarked on the mission last week to explore the hidden depths of the Indian ocean, which has not been explored completely.

The three year project that started in Danish flagged ship Ocean Zephyr will first explore the ocean depth around Seychelles. The team consists of as many as 33 scientists, 18 crew members, technicians and others.

During the exploration, they will study underwater life in “twilight zone”, which has a depth of 30 metres where the sun rays barely reach. They would also be documenting habitats and organisms at a depth of 500 metres with the help of two crewed submarines and submersible (operated remotely). They will also be using censors to look at depths beyond 2000 metres.

With global warming increasing and the sea water getting warmer, scientists believe that a study of the depths would give a glimpse of the changing ocean pattern. The scientific community has said that it is a historical expedition that will shed light on the unknown that would help in saving the habitats and organisms.

With the scientists exploring the ecosystem of the ocean, it is believed to help the whole region from East Africa to Arabian Peninsula, Southeast Asia and Indian sub-continent. The expedition will look into the impact of pollution as well as look deep into the unknown species hidden in the far depths.

Kadapuram News Service

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