Rahul promises exclusive Ministry for Fisheries

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday assured the fishermen community that a separate ministry for fishermen would be set up if the Congress is voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections.

Gandhi said this while addressing a meeting at the ‘Fishermen’s Parliament’ in Thrissur. At the world’s first Fishermen’s Parliament, over 3,000 delegates and 543 members representing different regions, exchanged ideas and debated what needs to be done to strengthen fishing communities around India.

There are many issues fishermen are facing like the conflict with Sri Lankan Navy, new rules in CRZ and issues related to big trawlers. ”I’m not Narendra Modi, I don’t make fake promises. When I say something, I only say because I’ve decided to do it. A dedicated ministry is a commitment from me and the Congress party,” Gandhi said.

”I assure you and promise you that when our government comes to power in 2019, there will be a dedicated Ministry for fisheries,” said Gandhi.

”The exclusive ministry for your needs will be like a non-violent weapon for all of you. Issues with the Sri Lankan Navy, Coastal Regulation Zone and trawlers will all be addressed,” added Gandhi.

The Congress president alleged that the Prime Minister was totally insensitive to the woes of the poor people of India. The Modi government is accessible to the rich few, who in turn functions as the marketing army for him.

He said the Congress was keen to ensure that the voices of the poor fish workers are being heard in Delhi effectively.

Detailing the proposal of the Congress to assure a minimum income to all in the country, he said when his party comes to power a minimum income line’’ will be worked out by discussing with various stakeholders.The government will give money to all those who fall below this minimum income line. The objective is to eradicate poverty forever from the country,’’ he added.

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