Centre issues direction to prevent catching juvenile fish

The Central Government has directed all states and union territories to take steps to prevent catching of juvenile fish.

According to the order issued by Tarun Shridhar, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department of Fisheries, restrictions should be imposed on fishing nets of certain yarn size so as to prevent catching juvenile fish. Catching sardines smaller than 10 cm and mackerel smaller than 14 cm should be treated as an offence by fisheries enforcement.

It has also directed to implement trawling ban in all states simultaneously during the monsoon and measures for cleaning the sea along with safeguarding the marine ecosystem that sustains their livelihoods of millions of fisherfolks.

The conference of the southern fisheries ministers held at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Kochi, in November, 2018, had suggested a slew of recommendations. The Union Ministry has issued the order advising all the maritime state governments to consider the implementation of the measures recommended by the conference. Out of the 16 recommendations, 15 were recommended to coastal states and almost all recommendations were the contribution of Kerala.

Training in deep sea fishing, prevention of juvenile fishing, using LED bulbs for fishing and ban on using artificial fishing equipment were some of the recommendations. The use of fishing net recommended by Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), registration of boat building yards, compulsory registration of net making units, eradication of plastic waste in sea, mandatory use of automatic identification and vessel monitoring, hatchery accreditation and other recommendations of Kerala will be implemented.

The other recommendation is to strictly enforce the uniform ban on fishing during monsoon period. In Kerala, trawling ban is enforced for 52 days in a single stretch in monsoon whereas some other states the ban is split into two times.

Kadapuram News Service

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