Rough sea alert issued for coastal states

A rough sea alert has been issued for Kerala, Lakshadweep, South Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa and Andaman and Nicobar for two days from March 17.

According to an alert issued by the Indian Ocean Forecast System (INDOFOS), there is a possibility that sea will be rough near shore along the cost from 1100 hrs on March 17 to 2320 hrs on March 18.

The waves would have a height of 1.7 to 2 meteres. Along Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, the waves might be having a height of up to 2.1 metre.

A bulletin of the National Weather Forcasting Centre said rough sea conditions are likely to prevail along the coast of Lakshadweep, Kerala, south Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat on 17th March and along the coast of Andaman and Nicobar Islands on 18th March. Fishermen are advised not to venture into these areas on March 17th and 18th respectively.

A latest Meteorological Analysis says the maximum temperatures are likely to rise gradually by 3-4°C over Northwest India during next thrde days and by 2-3 °C over
south Maharashtra & Goa during next two days. No significant change in maximum and minimum temperatures likely over rest of the country during next 48 hours.

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