High security Registration Plate to be installed in 300 mechanised fishing vessels

By Anupama Vasudev

With the number of fake fishing vessels in Kerala on an increase and the security forces finding it hard to trace unregistered vessels, the state government has decided to introduce Holographic Registration Plates for the fishing vessels operating from the state.

It is quite often that the Coast Guard as well as the Navy fail to come across such fake vessels sailing in the Indian Ocean that risks the security in the sea. Moreover, the government has decided to increase the security measures in the wake of infiltrators into the coastal region and also incidents like the alleged human trafficking that happened from Munambam in Kochi.

The government has now decided to install Holographic Registration Plates in 300 mechanised fishing vessels at a cost of Rs 62.30 lakh of which the state share is Rs 56.07 lakh and the beneficiary share is R6.23 lakh.

The Holographic Registration Plate is being prepared and installed by C- Dit. The government aims to complete the process of installing all the 300 mechanised fishing vessels within five months, highly placed sources said.

With the installation of the Holographic Registration Plates, the government hopes to track fake fishing vessels quickly, ensure coastal security, recognise any unregistered vessels out in the sea and also help in conducting sea rescue operation effectively, the sources said. Moreover, the new registration plate will also help in tracking the sale of fishing vessels and transfer of the vessels, they added.

At present the registration mark is made on the hull of the boat or at the beading of the top of the wheel house. The markings are not clearly visible even from a nearby point of view and as such the enforcement authorities find it difficult in tracing the details of the vessel.

The new Holographic Registration Plate will be fixed on top of the wheel house. The plate is designed as a tetrahedron so that is visible from all sides. The security hologram is embossed in the plate in such a way that it is difficult to duplicate it. Moreover, the laser etched identification number for each plate makes each of the vessels unique.

Kadapuram News Service

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