Goan fishermen seek permanent solution to oil spillage

By Anupama Vimal

Fishermen community in Goa, who foresee an imminent danger in marine wealth due to oil spillage over the years, has urged the authorities to come up with a permanent solution to the menace.

In the wake of the recent oil spillage in beaches of Goa, especially in Arambol, the fisherfolk are a worried lot with fear of losing the fishing grounds.

Talking to Kadapuram News, National Fishworkers Forum Vice Chairperson Olencio Simose said that they have given a representation to the Coast Guard and also the Coastal Zone Management authorities to come up with a permanent solution.


Picture by Shazia Shaikh

“It was in 2011 that Anjuna first witnessed oil spillage and it has been continuing till today. In the representation, we have asked the authorities to maintain a regular check of the ships plying in the sea. If any boat or vessel is found to be indulged in activities such as cleaning their oil tanks and dumping oil in sea, strict action should be taken against them and even fine should be imposed against them,” he said.

Olencio Simose also said that they have asked for immediate removal of the oil spillage and also adequate compensation to the fishermen who were affected.
Stating that the authorities should see that such a situation do not arise in future, he said that lots of marine resources are lost and fishing grounds are damaged because of oil spillage. It also affected the sea shells that are found in the sea shore. Simose also warned of lowering fish catch in the future if this scenario continues.

Ronny, a fisherman from Anjuna, said this menace has been happening for the last many years. He also said that there was a possibility that fish catch would lower if this is not addressed at the earliest.

It was last week that oil spillage was traced in the beaches, making life difficult for the fishermen and tourists. Many of the people have expressed their concern that the authorities were not taking any action even though the shoreline has been witnessing oil spillage for the last many years. They noted that it was hightime the authorities took stern steps to address the issue.

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