Electronic system for ports and ships come into effect

Aimed at digital maritime, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has made it mandatory for all governments to launch an electronic information system between ports and the ships.

The new rule has come into force from April 8.

With the introduction of an electronic information system, the IMO says it would make simple the cross border trade. Apart from this, it would also give more efficiency to the logistics chain. The present system has been brought in as per the Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic.

In the convention, ‘Single window’ was encouraged to be used for data that would help in speedy details regarding the arrival of the ship in the port, duration of stay and also departure. IMO Secretary general Kitack Lim said that the new system was significant in the maritime sector towards a digital world.

The FAL Convention was adopted in 1965. It was adopted for the smooth sail of both cargoes as well as passenger ships from and to the ports. As many as 121 Governments are part of the convention and all of them are bound to follow the practices.

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