Come September and Goa to be clean from plastics

By Anupama Vimal

From September onwards, Goa and its scenic beaches will be freed from the clutches of single use plastics. If things go well, the government is for banning such type of plastic in Goa, which would add to the beauty of the most sought after touristy place in the country.

Reports from Goa said that the government was planning to bring in a legislation banning single use plastics such as bags, cutleries and straws. For this they have to amend the Goa Non Biodegradable garbage Control Act.

It is said that the amendment to the Act is being drafted and being discussed. The amendment is likely to be introduced in the winter session of the Goan assembly. As per the amendment, there would be ban of production, sale and use of such plastics. It is said that the legislation would have provisions for hefty fines against those who violate the law and also envisage more powers to the authorities to curb its usage.

When going through Goa, one can see that some of the restaurants and hotels have already discarded such single use plastics for the last many months. No straws or curtailers of plastic but just metal is used instead in at least a few restaurants and hotels.


As the name suggests, these plastics are for just a single use. They may be also called as thrown away plastics. Mostly single use plastics are used for packing foods items and also come in the form of straw, plastic carry bags and coffee stirrers. Every year, the world produces millions of tons of plastic and only half of it is disposable. Only about 15 per cent of plastic is only recycled and the rest is either buried or lands up in the water bodies and sea.

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