Slow pace of ships needed to lower emissions: Maritime Chiefs

If ships slow down their pace, then emissions could also be slowed down. This is what Maritime chiefs the world over have called for now.

They have demanded the International Maritime Organisation (UN Agency and shipping watch dog) to impose speed limits on cargo vessels so that emissions could be checked.

In a communication, they have told the Maritime organisation that there was an urgent need to address the issue and asked to act fast so as to bring down the emission.

It also mentions that during ‘slow steaming’ (slowing down the speed of ships) during the time of global recession, the emission of green house gas was low as the ships only used less fuel. The Maritime Chiefs also mention that the ships have now started to speed up after the slow steaming, which means more emission.

In the letter, the chiefs said that the maximum speed average throughout the year for cargos should be fixed. They also said that the container ships carrying perishable goods and passenger ships could be allowed to travel faster.

Despite the chiefs calling for limiting the speed of the vessels, it is for the maritime Organisation that has to take the final call.

There are several reports and studies in the past that have pointed out that emission from the ships could be reduced if the speed is limited. In one of the studies, it has been reported that slowing the speed to about 14 miles per hour could reduce emission by about 60 per cent carbon dioxide.

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