‘Measles fear’ forces 300 people onboard a Church ship wander the seas

The 300-odd people aboard Freewinds, which has been quarantined after a case of measles in one of the patients was detected near the Caribbean Island of St Lucia, might be just wondering when they could step on land.

Though reports say that the ship had left St Luis and headed towards the Island of Curacao, it is still debatable if these people onboard would be allowed to step on land.

The people were not allowed to step on St Lucia after the authorities feared that its residents would be affected. It is reported that there was only one confirmed case on the ship. It said that the others and the crew were stable and were under constant watch for any symptom. Normally the incubation period is ten to 12 days.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated could contract the disease. The health officials said that many people would have already been exposed and as such extra caution was needed.

The cruise ship is owned by the Church of Scientology. The church officials are yet to comment on this health issue and its ship being quarantined.

It has been reported that the majority of the measles cases occurred in Children in the US and it was because these children were not given the proper vaccination against these diseases. Some communities still do not give vaccination to their children because of some misinformation.

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