India fails to break deadlock in Egypt detention; crew to launch hunger strike

By Anupama Vimal

The Indian government has literally failed in bringing back the three Indians, who are part of the crew of vessel Sea Shark that has been detained in Barnis bay in Egypt. With no immediate solution, the Indians are looking ahead for staging a hunger strike so that the authorities take some step.

It was five months back that the vessel was detained by the Egyptian Navy allegedly without any reason.

India fails in bringing back Indians detained in Egypt

Talking to, detained crew member Charanya K N Venugopal’s uncle Jagannathan said that he had been in constant touch with the Indian Embassy in Egypt. “If nothing is going to happen, then they would stage a hunger strike in the ship,” he said.
From day one, the family members have been regularly contacting the Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassy in Egypt. However, the only answer that they get is that efforts are on and talks are going on with the Egyptian government for the immediate release.

Jagannathan said that he has tweeted to the President, External Affairs Minister and other officials regarding the issue but nothing has happened till now. “The only thing that they say is that they are looking into the issue and trying their level best. I also spoke to the Indian Embassy but the only answer that we get is that they are trying,” he said.

The 31 crew members have been urging desperately for the last many months to resolve the issue at the earliest. They have said that they were being detained without any reason. All the crew members have written a signed representation on April 13, seeking help in resolving the issue at the earliest. They had said that they were unaware of the actual reason of their detention and stated their ship has not violated any of the laws. They said that they were going through unimaginable stress

While Charanya belongs to Karnatraka, the two others detained are from Tamil Nadu and North India respectively.

Soon after the detention, the Egyptian government was blamed of having violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by not information the detention of the Indian citizens in that country. As per the International Convention, any country that detains or takes into custody the citizen of another country, the former has to inform the latter about it.

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