Praises for Kerala fisherfolk in Geneva

By Sreekesh

Kerala once again showered its gratitude to the fisherfolk, who were the unsung heroes during the 2018 flood in the state, for their exemplary service in saving hundreds of people.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan expressed his gratitude to the fisherfolk during his speech at the World Reconstruction Conference organised by United Nations in Geneva on May 13.

He said that the fisherfolk who brave the sea for a livelihood deserved special gratitude. He also mentioned that the timely intervention of the fisherfolk at the time of flood had saved many lives.

During the time of floods, the fishermen had voluntarily reached out to the worst affected regions and saved hundreds of stranded people. They even spent their own money for transporting their boats to far off places for helping the people. They even provided relief materials, including food and water to the people who were stranded in many of the remote places.

In his speech on rebuilding kerala from the disaster of 2018, Vijayan said that the aim was to build a New Kerala and not for restoring what was present here before the floods. He said that his government was for building a Kerala that could withstand any disaster in the future.

He also mentioned that the flood of 2018 was the one that the state had not seen in the last 90 years. He also stated that they could overcome the challenges because of a secular fabric.

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