Killer Plastics even grip the deepest spot on earth

It has been now proved that no place in the world is free of plastics. Even the deepest part in earth – Mariana Trench – that is hard for a human being to reach is not deprived of this plastic menace.

A Dallas businessman and former naval officer Victor Vescovo came across a plastic bag settled down in the Mariana Trench that is 35,849 feet down. His team said that tests were being done to confirm if it was plastic.

Vescovo had dived down deep into the Mariana Trench as part of an odyssey into the depths of the world water bodies. He had travelled down to the Mariana trench in a submersible called as the Limiting Factor. He had spent nearly four hours deep in the Mariana Trench. Besides the plastic bag and a few wrappers, he claimed to have come across many creatures (one is considered to be a new species). The expedition is to trace out and document the depths that have been least explored.

In a recent study, more plastic is being dumped into the ocean. And the worst part is that microplastics have been traced in the waters and also in marine creatures, which is really posing a great threat.

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