Goan beaches under scanner for erosion

The CSIR- National Institute of Oceanography has commenced a study on soil erosion along the beaches of Goa and Maharashtra and also its environmental impact.

The National Institute of Oceanography, which is situate in Goa, took up the project after the central water commission approached it to conduct a detailed study on the environmental aspect of soil erosion. As part of the study, the Institute had taken up the beaches in the two states, officials of the Oceanography Institute said.

The study will look into the causes that lead to soil erosion along the beaches, its environmental; impact and the ways to overcome it. The researchers who had conducted a preliminary study and have found that the lack of sediment supply in the beaches has led to the phenomenon that has brought in significant changes to the beaches.
Goa has the most stable coastline when compared to other coastlines in the country. This was revealed in a study conducted by the Central Water Commission in 2015. The CWC had conducted the study using satellite data.

However, this scenario was found to have changed in two years. The Goa government in 2017 had said that its 10.9 kilometre of shore in over 19 beaches was under the threat of severe soil erosion.

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