Plastics in Cocos, an eye opener against plastics

414 million pieces of plastic washed ashore in the remote island of Cocos near Perth in Australia. This is quite staggering as such a huge quantity of plastic has been found in a remote island, which points out to the real plastic menace in oceans.

Of the 414 million pieces, one million were shoes and 3.7 lakh were toothbrushes, according to a study. A larger portion of the plastics found in the island were single use plastics such as straws, bottle caps, sandals and shoes.

The trash that has been found in this single island will make one just think about the plastic that the ocean may be holding. The researchers who conducted the study said that the 414 million plastic that was found in the Cocos was only a small portion of what they had surveyed. They said that they were not able to access some of the other beaches, which otherwise could have given even a bigger dimension.

The huge quantity of plastic that they have found was got only by digging ten cm on the beach. They said that plastics buried on the sand were much higher in quantity that is actually visible.
The researchers point out that the increasing threat to environment as well as marine life. They said that it was high time that the people realised this and acted on curbing the use of plastics.

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