Whirling waterspout forms at Valiyathura

A waterspout, a column of cloud-filled wind rotating over the sea, was formed at Valiyathura in the Kerala Capital on Friday afternoon, giving some anxious moments to the fishermen community.

Though the authorities dismissed it as normal phenomenon, local fishermen are a worried lot because a similar waterspout was formed in the locality ahead of the deadly Okhi cyclone.

According to eyewitnesses, the waterspout weakens before it hit the Valiyathura Pier and there was no damage in the land.

Young Bebyston, who shoot the phenomenon with his mobile camera, told kadapuram.com that fishermen got panicked and rushed to the seas to save their fishing boats from being washed away.

”Just out of curiosity, I shoot the video,” he added.

Fisherman Sanal said they decided not to venture into the seas today. ”The sky is very cloudy and also started raining heavily,” he said, adding that a similar phenomenon was witnessed two-three days before Okhi hit the Kerala coast.

Robert Panipilla of Friends of Marine Life(FML), an indigenous coastal community voluntary organisation that aims to safeguard the marine biodiversity and coastal ecosystems services in South India, told kadapuram.com that what occurred today was a minor form of waterspout. ”But still we need studies to find out whether this phenomenon has any link with cyclone.”

He pointed out that though there was demand for follow up studies after Okhi, no serious effort was made yet. There was also a demand from climet experts in other countries that waterspouts should be studied in details.

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