Coastal states put on high security against possible Lankan refugees

The coastal states, especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu, have been asked to keep vigil on the possibility of refugees from neighbouring Sri Lanka, which was witness to one of the worst terrorist attacks last month.

The Home Ministry has said that there was a high probability of refugees trying to illegally enter the country through Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which are close to Lanka. It has asked the maritime agencies to be extra vigil against any attempt of Lankan refugees to enter the country through sea.

As part of intensifying the security and surveillance, the marine police have been asked to intensify sea patrol. The state police as well as the coastal police have been asked to keep vigil on beaches, vital coastal points and vital landing points. Apart from this, the Ministry has asked to keep an eye on the coastal highways.

In the ports also, the security has been tightened. The Ministry has also said that no personnel should enter or leave the port without proper immigration check.  Even the fishing boats entering the fishing harbours have been asked to be checked. The marine enforcement agencies should check all the documents, ID cards, registration and license of boats, the ministry has said.

About 260 people were killed and thousands injured in last month’s Easter Suicide attacks in Lanka.  

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