No trawlers for 52 days starting June 9 midnight

The seasonal Trawl ban in Kerala will begin on the midnight of June 9 and last till July 31, a 52-day ban that has been imposed by the government this time. As many as 5000 boats would stop their operations and only traditional boats are allowed to venture into the sea.

All the fishing boats from other states have been asked to leave the Kerala coast by June 10, sources in the Fisheries department said. The department has also started control rooms in all the coastal districts and patrol boats have been sanctioned in almost all the coats for effective surveillance.

Talking to, All Kerala Fishing Boat Owners Association general secretary Joseph Xavier said that about 85 per cent of the boats have reached the shore. “The remaining boats would be reaching the shore by midnight before the ban period commences,” he said.

Despite welcoming the ban, he opined that the government should first of all conduct a comprehensive study on the impact of trawl ban that could help in imposing such bans in the future. “Actually, the ban period should be imposed pre monsoon and post monsoon period when the actual spawning takes places,” he said.

Meanwhile, National Fish Workers Forum General Secretary T Peter has demanded the government to provide adequate compensation to the fishermen who will not have any job this season.

He also stressed that the government should strictly impose the ban on juvenile fish catch. “Action should be taken against those who catch small fish, irrespective of them being mechanised boats or traditional boats. The government should strengthen the checks at fish landing centres and harbours to curb such practises,” he said.  

The 52 day trawl ban is being imposed after the Kerala government reached an agreement with the traditional fishermen and the mechanised boat owners in the first week of June.  

During the trawl ban period, the traditional fishermen who go for fish catch have been asked to carry biometric cards given to them. As part of the ban, the Marine Enforcement Wing has been asked to keep extra vigil. The first ban on Trawlers was started in 1988 with an aim to preserve the fish wealth.

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