India firm in curbing piracy on Ships and attacks on Seafarers

In a bid to safeguard the Indian crew members on Indian and foreign vessels, especially during fatal accidents and hijacking, India have already prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Contingency Plan.

 The Contingency plan and SOP have been prepared in consultation with the Defence Ministry, according to Ministry of State for Shipping Manushk Mandaviya. He said this in Lok Sabha while explaining the strategies adopted for safeguarding Indians out in the sea.

As part of the procedures, he said that anti piracy guidelines have been implemented in all Indian ships. Mandaviya also told the Lok Sabha that a Maritime Security Advisory has been issued for the seafarers from India working in ships operating in Gulf of Guinea.

Stating that escorts are provided by the Indian Navy for ships n vulnerable regions, he said that the Director General, Shipping, issues circulars on the actions to be taken against piracy and other incidents. The minister told the House that the Director General has also formulated a module on piracy awareness programme for the sea goers. Mandaviya informed that a SOP on dealing with fatal accidents to Indians in foreign ships has also been documented. Further, he elaborated on the welfare measures taken up for the seafarers in the country. He said that the government had introduced about five welfare programmes for the seafarers and their families.

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