Mechanic from Alappuzha has an answer to bring in fuel efficiency in fishing boats

B Mohanlal of Alappuzha is hopeful of meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and presenting his innovation on fuel efficient fishing boat engines. A mechanic by profession, Mohanlal has now been successful in developing four propulsions for a single engine that he claims to have much fuel efficiency than any other engine

“I have now developed a model in which four propulsions can be fitted in a single engine. Now the engine that is being tested is of 32 HP. I have requested an appointment to meet the prime minister and to present before him the new model,” Mohanlal told

He also wished that his innovation should be included and marketed as part of Make in India programme. “I had met the prime minister in 2015 and it was his inspiration of creating an engine of more fuel efficiency that has led me to come up with a new model now. As the inspiration has been got from him, I wish to present the model to him before going for manufacturing and its marketing” Mohanlal said. .

Stating that now outboard are all imported, he hoped that his model would help in developing indigenous engines and help in more fuel efficiency. “The model of four propulsions is designed on a single engine with more horse power. With this single engine, fishing boats that use two engines can save space and also fuel if they convert to the single engine with four propulsions,” he said.

When asked if he was not going for patenting his innovations, Mohanlal said that he has already applied for patent and the National innovation Foundation will look into the parent issue.

With regard to developing the new model, he said that it was a variant model of his earlier ones that had been widely accepted. “The reversible reduction gear and the two propulsion for outboard engine developed in the 2001 was accepted by the fishermen community,” he said.

A fishing boat owner 20 years ago, Mohanlal said that he had turned to experiments on engines after he had found that the money spent on fuels for his boat had exceeded a higher level and had even made him a debtor. “I sold my Boat and started experimenting on making fuel efficiency engines,” he said.

Noting that he had started experimenting in 1997, he said that the first trial of his engines was completed in 2001. “A lot of changes were brought in the first engine and later in 2006, I had entered into an agreement with Matsyafed for supplying fuel efficient engines. “About 120 engines have been supplied as per the agreement and are now fitted in fishing boats in Kozhikode, Munambam and Alappuzha. The feedback is very good,” he said.  Mohanlal said that he had presented his first engines before Presidents Prathibha Patel and A P J Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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