Western Coast fish export hit with US banning fish caught using unhealthy methods

Export of fish from states like Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra in the western coasts have been largely hit with the United States banning fish products caught using purse seine nets. They have already intimated the Union Government about the ban of fish caught using purse seine nets, according to highly placed sources.

Noting that the United States had banned captured fish as these were caught by the Indian fishing boats using banned methods. They had issued a global notification regarding banning import of fish that are caught without complying with the fishing practises.

However, the US has not imposed any ban on cultured fish, the sources said. With no ban on cultured fish, the exports to the US are now mainly from Tamil Nadu and some other states where they have largely concentrated in cultured fish. Shrimps, cuttle fish and squids are mainly exported to the US.    

The United States officials are also known to have intimated the state governments about the ban on captured fish. Kerala and Karnataka are the states that lead in captured fish export and as such the industry has been hot in these two states. Despite checks on vessels for banned purse seine nets, fishing using such nets and its variants are known to thrive in the western coast.

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