Ban over; Boat owners anxious over fish wealth

After 52 days of break, the fishing harbours became live with almost 75 per cent of the fishing boats embarking for first catch after the trawl ban. The 52 day trawl ban that was imposed on June 9 ended on July 31.

The boat owners back on the shore are quite anxious of what the sea has in store for them. “We are really quite anxious as some of the small boats that has ventured into the sea has not yet come back,” All Kerala Fishing Boat Owners Association general secretary Joseph Xavier told on Thursday night.

Noting that nothing can be predicted, he said that anything on the fish wealth could only be said unless someone comes back. “The small boats normally come back by 2 or 3 pm after locating the fishing grounds. But this time no boat has come back till now (8 pm),” he said.

Pointing out that everyone were anxious about the fish wealth, Xavier said that each of the boats was worth lakhs and as such everyone was really so anxious.

Meanwhile, some of the fishermen have raised doubts over fish wealth as they pointed out less rain and adverse weather conditions. All these could have adversely affected the fish wealth, they said and added that it could only be known after the boats come back and also after the sea was thoroughly scanned by the boats that are out in the waters. There are already reports about depleting fish wealth because of the many weather conditions.

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