Artificial reefs off Kerala coast to boost marine life

As part of the drive to enhance fish productivity, the Kerala Government has decided to install Artificial Reefs off the coast in Thiruvananthapuram district.

The reefs are to be installed off the coast of Beemapally, Poonthura and Valiyathura fishing villages with the government giving the nod. The reefs would be installed in the coasts at a cost of Rs 200 lakh, highly placed sources said. The reefs would be installed by the Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation ltd.

The government has taken the initiative to install artificial reefs with an aim to promote Minimum Legal Size based eco friendly fishing method and also to boost fish production off the coast in Thiruvananthapuram district. The government believes that once fish production increases through the installation of artificial reefs, it would boost the socio- economic status of the fishermen.

Artificial reefs had earlier been installed off the coast of many fishing villages such as Poovar and Karuimkulam about eight years ago.    An underwater man made structure, artificial reefs are installed to augment marine life. Ship wrecks are the most commonly found artificial reefs. However, structures are also made from PVC and concrete. The artificial reefs provide the surface for the growth of algae and other invertebrates, which gives a good surface for augmenting marine life.      

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