2018 flood Hero Jaisal again wins hearts in 2019

No one would have forgotten Jaisal K P at this time of floods. Hero of 2018 floods, Jaisal was the one who let people step on his back and embark on the rescue boat. In 2019 also, Jaisal from Malappuram was in the forefront in saving hundreds of people stranded in the floods.

On the night of August 8 when floods broke out in northern Kerala, Jaisal had no second thoughts and he embarked on his boat with six of his friends to Nilambur, which was isolated.  They were the first group of fishermen to reach Nilambur and were part of the rescue operations till August 12.    

 “Without food and water for two days, we were at Nilambur. But we have the satisfaction of saving hundreds of lives in the worst flood,” said Jaisal whose boat was the first to embark on rescue operations in Kerala.

Once they reached Nilambur, there was no looking back for Jaisal and his six friends. “It was at 10 in the night that we reached Nilambur. The sub collector said that it was not safe for rescue operations in the night as flood was worse. But we said that we were ready for any operation at any time. We told the official that day and night were the same for us. At last the official agreed. We could rescue about 60 people that night itself,” he told www.kadapuram.com.

The others in the team were Savad, Baneesh, Jabir, Salam, Naufal and Ashraf.

On the second day, they were at Pallikkunnu after they had got a call to reach there. “From Seven in the morning to almost eight 8 in the night, we were with the rescue team. The rescue operation was much difficult as the entire region was flooded and even some houses were almost flooded.  There were patients in some houses and was difficult to move them to safety. Apart from this, there were also a few bed ridden people, who posed difficult in taking them to safety,” Jaisal said.

Noting that they reached their home on the midnight of Eid day, he said that their homes did not have any Eid celebrations.”All of us were in different places and were engaged in rescue operations. No one was there to buy clothes or other things for our family. And also we reached only at midnight. But we believe that saving lots of lives was really great service and a real gift of Eid. Our families also understand our situation and they have no complaints,” Jaisal said.        

He also pointed out that it was determination that had kept them all during the days of rescue operations. “We all worked together and we had only one aim to rescue as much people to safety,” he said. “We only heard the cries of help from children, women and the old. There was only one aim and we are satisfied in it,” he said.    

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