LNG and battery to be ship fuel alternate

With International Maritime Organisation stipulating a target of 50 per cent carbon reduction by 2050, the shift to LNG, ammonia, bio fuel and electricity is going to be an easy step towards achieving the goal, according to the latest maritime forecast from DNV GL.

It has also been stated that LNG is going to be the dominant fuel for the ships in the coming decade and the next in line will be battery powered ships. It said a LNG use would increase once carbon pricing is introduced. DNV GL also forecast that ammonia is also going to be a better fuel, replacing the fossil fuels as an alternate fuel, in the coming years. Though LNG ships tops the chart among the sailing ships, battery powered ships are fast growing, as per the publication.  

In the publication, it has been pointed out that battery technology is going to be widely used in the shipping industry. Some of the ships have even started using electric propulsion. In the coming years, they predict that solid type batteries as used in land vehicles would be used in ships. DNV GL operates in hundreds of companies that mainly focus on advising oil and renewable energy companies.

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