Face to be the stamp of a seafarer

India gets the credit of becoming the first nation the world over for introducing facial recognition for its seafarer, which is considered to be a major development in the shipping sector.

The new Biometric Seafarer Identity Document is hopeful of giving complete identification of the seafarer, wherever he is at sea. The new identification will help in locating these sea men at any point of the sea or at any port they are anchored.

Union Minister of State for shipping Manushka Mandaviya noted that it was one of the major developments as far as seafarer are considered, which gave them total identification. He also noted that this identification would help job seekers. The first few Biometric Seafarer Identity Documents were handed over to sea fearers last week in New Delhi.

With the shipping industry coming across major changes and various developments, the introduction of the new facial recognition ID cards gained significance.

India has introduced the facial biometric card in accordance with convention 185 of International Labour Organisation.

With respect to the new bio card, it has all the features that are available in a smart card. An embedded biometric chip gives an added security to thy bio cards. The other features of the bio card are micro texts, Unique Guilloche pattern and micro prints. While affixing the data, the face is cross matched through the photo in the passport for added security passport. This is done through newly developed software for face matching. The records that have been captured in the cards would be stored in a data base and would be accessible from any part of the world.

In the recent times, India has been contributing a large number of seafarer. Moreover, the country has seen major developments in the shipping industry, both inland and maritime.

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