File a petition in green tribunal from your home town

Sitting in any corner of the country, you can now file a petition with the National Green Tribunal, thanks to the e-fling facility launched by the Tribunal last week. Through the e-website, one can file from any state that would be heard in the principal bench of the Tribunal or in the regional benches.

The introduction of e- filing facility would help in the reduction of time taken for the time and travel in going to Delhi in filing the applications. Apart from e-filing facility, the new website launched will also help in people to browse various cases and other information with respect to various issues.

In the conventional manner, the counsel has to be present in person in court to submit reports. But with e-filing facility, the counsel can file the reports online. In case of not producing hard copies, a printing charge is levied, which may come to RS 100 upto 25 pages. The fees can be paid with Bharat Kosh.

Once the petition is filed online, the tribunal may take up the case considering the merit even if the counsel or the petitioner is not present.

Though the NGT has introduced e-filing facility, the conventional way of filing petitions before the registrar will continue.

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