Freight Forwarders have new model Rules

With major changes coming up in business and legal; requirements changing, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) has brought out a set of new model rules for freight forwarding.

FIATA made the announcement at its 2019 Congress held at Cape Town in South Africa. The model rules details about the rights, liabilities and obligations of the customers and freight forwarders. The first model rules were framed in 1996 and were a benchmark for the forwarders in framing their terms and conditions. This posed a challenge to the laws of some nations.

FIATA’s Advisory Body Legal Matters chairman Richard Gluck was quoted as saying that the new model rules have been evolved after considering a lot of issues such as the regulatory requirements and the prevalent business practises in the industry. He said that one of the rules that have been now updated relates to electronic communication. The forwarders have also been asked to update their relevant articles in service agreements on the basis of their business models and laws prevailing in their country.

FIATA President Babar Badat said that the new model rules would play a critical role in setting up standard rules and services in the industry. It would assure new business practise in the industry, he added.

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