New warning devise to be handy for Fishermen

 Aimed at improving the livelihood of fisherfolk and enhancing the security while fishing in extreme weather conditions, the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) in collaboration with Airport Authority of India has come up with two marine information products.  

INCOIS has come up with GEMINI (GAGAN Enabled Mariner’s Instrument for Navigation and Information) for helping the fishermen to get warning signals/ communication beyond 12-14 km away from the coast. The device makes use of GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation system of Airport Authority of India. The new system has been developed by INCOIS as most of the time warning signals could not reach the fishermen when they are at sea as there are certain limitations for VHF and mobile networks.  

Another system that was launched is the PFZ forecast model that would help the fishermen in looking for fishing zones.

During the launch of the two systems, INCOIS director Satheesh C Shenoi said that the lack of n effective communication system for fishermen was felt at the time of Ockhi cyclone in 2017. There was no way to communicate with the fishermen who had ventured deep into the sea.

On GEMINI, he said that it was a portable device and receives data from GAGAN satellites. The signals are then transmitted to Mobiles of fishermen. The GEMINI app installed on the mobiles would help in decoding the signals and alert the fishermen regarding any adverse weather conditions.

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