Goa gets new vessel to clean oil spill

With oil spill becoming a nightmare in Goan beaches, Goa has launched a vessel for collecting the oil spread over the water bodies. M L Shravani, belonging to the Captain of Ports, equipped with modern equipment, has been specially designed to clean up water bodies.

State Ports Minister Michael Lobo launched the vessel on Thursday. The vessel that cost Rs 4.2 crore was built at Mandovi Drydocks in Panaji. At the launch of the vessel, the minister said that M L Shravani would help a long way in cleaning up the water bodies in case of any oil spill.  The vessel was going to help to protect the environment of Goa, he added.

The oil spills in rivers are generally caused by collision of boats or because of grounding of a boat or vessel or if the bunker tanks get punctured. The oil spill collection vessel is equipped with a skimmer, rubber boom and dinghy. Captain of Ports authorities said that they would reach any spot once they are informed about oil spill from any part of the state.

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