India for National Port Grid

India is for a National Port Grid for having an enhanced connectivity between the major and minor ports in 6the country. The Centre was looking forward for cooperation between the Major and Minor ports so that development can be brought in a big level, Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said.

The government will come up with a plan for the National Port grid within six months, he said this while addressing the 17th Meeting of Maritime States Development Council in New Delhi. On the occasion, he pointed out that the 204 minor ports in the country have the capability to become important centres of trade.  

The Minister also mentioned that a development plan for giving a facelift for the minor ports would be ready by six months.  Mandaviya said that a plan for each of the minor ports with their specification and cargo capability to the nearest industry would be prepared. He also mentioned that the study would be shared with the respective states so that they could develop their minor ports.  Pointing out the importance of inland water ways and coastal shipping, he said that t5he government was for developing them in a big way. He mentioned that inland water transport that was pollution free and cost effective could even lessen logistic cost.

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