No Single use plastics in ships entering Indian waters

Aimed at making India and the Indian waters free from plastics, the Director General of shipping has prohibited single use plastics in both Indian and foreign ships while in the Indian waters.

In the order,  the DG, Shipping said that single use plastics such as plates, cups, cutlery, upto ten litres bottles of water or other drinks, shopping and garbage bags and dispensing containers that are below ten litres have been prohibited with immediate effect.

The order also says that many more single use plastics are now allowed in the Indian waters from January 1, 2020. They include Hot drink cups, potato chip bags, Bags, containers, bottlc caps, trays, food packaging films, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, freezer bags, biscuit trays; bottles for water and other drinks, dispensing containers for cleaning fluids, insulated food packaging, Microwave dishes, protective packaging for fragile items and ice cream tubs.

The DG shipping has also instructed the officials to verify that Single use plastics are not used in Indian ships. In case of non-compliance, the vessels would be first served with a notice to adhere to the rules. And if the offence is repeated, the DG shipping said that it would be taken as a clear ground for detention under ISM Code. With respect to foreign ships, the DG said that the ships should make a log entry identifying the “Single Use Plastic Items” on board the ship prior entering Indian territorial waters. Further, they should also state that no single use plastics would be discharged to port reception facility at any Indian port.

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