India objects to rebuild yellowfin Tuna stock

India has lodged its objection to the plan to rebuild yellowfin Tuna stock in the Indian Ocean.  The Department of Fisheries has raised its objection (which has recently come to light) before the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and the resolution was to come into force on October 29.

The objection was raised in August and has not been withdrawn by the Indian Government, the media quoted Tuna Commission officials as saying. The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission had adopted the resolution to rebuild Yellowfin tuna stock at its 23rd session held in Hyderabad.

The Indian Ocean Tuna Organisation is an intergovernmental organisation for Tuma management in the Indian Ocean. The Tuna organisation has adopted the resolution to reduce the use of Fish Aggregation Devices and limit fish catch for some years so that it would help in the rebuild of Yellowfin Tuna in the blue waters.      

The implementation of the resolution has been postponed to December. India had asked the Tuna Organisation to ensure democracy and equality and also that the voice of the smaller countries should also be heard. However, Indian Ocean Tuna Organisation officials were quoted as saying that it was not a good move on the part of India to have objected to the resolution when the stock of Tuna was diminishing in the Indian Ocean.

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