Interceptor to scoop plastics from Rivers

A Dutch inventor has come up with a floating device to capture garbage, especially plastics, in rivers itself before it reaches the sea. Inventor Boyan Slat, who has already invented a mechanism for cleaning the oceans, has unveiled a special floating device called the interceptor.

The interceptor is a solar based floating device that scoops plastics from the rivers before it reaches the oceans. Slat, a university drop out, had invented the ocean clean up when he was just 18 years old.

While unveiling the device, Slat was reported to have said that there was a need to prevent more plastic from floating to the ocean and the best way is to tap it in the rivers itself before it floats to the oceans.

He also said that the task was not that easy as said. However, he hoped that this small effort could help in cleaning the oceans. The floating interceptor guides the plastics into an opening in its bow. This is then carried through a conveyor belt to n area in the machine where it is stocked. Once the container is full, it sends message to the operators who can then empty the trash from the machine.

He also appealed to all countries to make use the floating interceptor so that no more plastics are allowed to fill the oceans. The interceptor costs around 775,600 dollars now but the price is slated to come down once the production increases. .  

The floating interceptors are being installed in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malaysia, the device had been used on an experiment basis and was found to be effective.

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