Sunderbans save Bengal from major Bulbul destruction

The southern regions of Bengal is said to have been saved from Cyclone Bulbul with Sundarbans giving a protective shield to the strong winds and heavy storms. The cyclone had hot the Sundarbans coast on November 9, with winds reaching a speed of about 130 kmph. However, the speed was reduced as it moved towards the east, which has been attributed to the Mangroves in the region.

 With the mangroves helping in reducing the intensity of the severe storm, environmentalists and nature lovers point out that the importance of mangroves has once again been proved. With the coastal belt seeing frequent erosion and severe climatic changes, they note that mangroves are very much needed to protect the coastal belt.

The Sundebans had absorbed the Bulbull furt and thus saved West Bengal and Bangladesh. However, Sundderbans had to pay for this as a vast stretch of the mangroves have been badly hit by the cyclone.  

IT has been estimated that more than 5,000 trees have been destroyed in the cyclone. It has been reported that low tide played a crucial part in the saving the Sunderbans. And if teher was high tide during the time of the cyclone, then it would have meant stronger waves and more damage, experts opined.

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