Alarming rise of sea level

In the last five decades, sea level has risen by 8.5 cm along the Indian coast, according to Union Minister Babul Supriyo.

Stating that the sea level along the coast was raising about 1.70 cm per year, he told the Rajya Sabha that this calculation reveals that the rise of sea level was 8.5 cm in the last fifty years.

On the question whether several cities would be submerged due to the rise of temperature due to global warming, he said that the rate of increase of sea level because of climate change could not be attributed with certainty.

The Minister also mentioned that rising sea level could exacerbate the inundation of low lying areas  at times of heavy storm, tsunami, beach erosion and flooding.

The UN’s Inter Governmental panel on Climate Change had recently warned in a report that sea levels are set to rise by at least one metre by 2100 if carbon emission was not checked. It has warned that cities such as Kolkata and Mumbai could submerge. .

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