Oxygen loss in oceans to have impact on Marine life

The Marine ecosystem and fish wealth is under severe threat with the oceans losing oxygen in a fast pace, according to a latest report of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Among the oceans, the Indian Ocean is losing oxygen more slowly than the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The report- Ocean Deoxygenation – Everyone’s Problem- has pointed out that oxygen loss was mainly because of climate change and nutrition pollution. This has been a growing threat to the fish and marine species, especially tuna, shark and marlin. The report was released at the conference of the UN Climate Change in Madrid.

 International Union for Conservation of Nature acting Director General Dr Grethel Aguilar said that the delicate balance of marine life is thrown into disarray as the ocean loses its oxygen content.

The Ocean Deoxygenation – Everyone’s Problem is one of the largest studies so far that has looked into the cause, impacts and possible solutions to deoxygenation in oceans. The report also states that lower oxygen concentration in oceans are expanding with about 700 sites worldwide that has been affected. The same condition was reported in only 45 sites in 1960s.

The report also points out that t6he ocean is expected to lose three to four per cent of its oxygen by 2100. Moreover, the lose is said to be concentrated in 100 metres of water column, which is rich in marine biodiversity.

As the oxygen loss has adverse impact on marine life, it also impacts on the human population, even a slight fall in oxygen van have far reaching biological as well as biochemical consequence.  

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