First liquefied hydrogen vessel introduced

The world’s first marine liquefied hydrogen vessel has been introduced by Japan in Kobe Port. Named Suiso Frontier, which is the word for Hydrogen in Japan, the carrier is to be totally completed by next year.

Though it has been introduced, the installation of liquefied hydrogen tank on the ship is progressing and would be completed by 2020, according to the ship builders. Liquefied hydrogen has been most welcome at a time when the world is moving towards greener energy. Moreover, Liquefied hydrogen at minus 253 degrees Celsius can lower the volume of the container very much.

Suiso Frontier will be used for transporting hydrogen from produced in Australia to Japan. The trial of the shipments is due to begin by 2021. The carrier has been launched by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan.

Motohiko  Nishimura, head of Kawasaki Heavy Hydrogen development Centre was quoted as saying that this was the only carrier that caters to the safety standards of International Maritime Organisation. Once completed, he said that it would become a de facto standard and the technology was a step ahead for the rest of the world in green energy.

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