Kerala coast the most threatened coastline

Kerala coast is under severe threat and the coat line is the most vulnerable among all the coasts in India that faces the most threat op erosion.

When the waves and ocean currents take away 41 percent of the sand from the shores, only 21 per cent of sand is dumped back on the shore, a recent study that was carried by the Union Ministry for Environment, Forest  and Climate Change.

It has been said that Thiruvananthapuram has the worst erosion followed by Kollam and Ernakulam. However, the erosion was said to be lower in Alappuzha and Thrissur districts.

 It has also been said that large hectares of forest land was also lost because of erosion. This has been figured by the Indian Institute of Science through remote sensing.

Natural causes such as cyclones, high waves and human activities have led to major destruction in the coastal regions. In the last 25 years, it has been reported that one third of the coast line in the country has been eroded. However, new areas have been developed because of sand deposits. Though many of the state governments have been engaged in many ways to tackle coastal erosion, it has always been a cause every year with natural calamities on an increase.

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