Lanka envisages a conflict settlement agreement with India

 With frequent conflicts in the sea between Indian and Sri Lanka, the island nation has decided to take forward a conflict settlement agreement with India. The decision has been put forth in the recently published National policy Frame Work of Sri Lanka.

The aim is to sort out all issues related to fishing between the two countries without any delay. There has always been friction between the two countries related to fishermen from both sides entering the boundary of the other.

In the National Policy Framework, the island nation has also decided to strengthen the Navy and the coast Guard units for tracking any illegal fishing. Sri Lanka also says that steps would be taken to achieve self sufficiency in the fisheries sector to ensure food security and contribution to national economy. The National Policy Framework says that scientific methods will be introduced for increasing fish population in the coastal areas.

Apart from this, environmental conditions would also be improved in lagoons and all existing harbours will be modernised. It also says that new harbours would also be developed.  Another point that has been highlighted is the modernisation of refrigeration system using sea water.

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