Fish waste material to replace plastics

Plastic is a menace and the world is finding it hard to get rid of the material. Several experiments are being carried out for creating an alternative to plastics. Here is quite a surprise from a U K based designer student who has created a biodegradable material from fish waste.
Considered to be a revolution, the product named MaruinaTex has been developed by Lucy Hughes. The new finding has showered her with the James Dyson international award. She is a graduate from University of Sussex.
The new product is said to replace plastics and plastic packages in the future and the next time the food packing would be a wrapping from the material developed from fish waste. Hughes has been reported to have said in the media that over usage of plastic and the damage it caused to the environment had made her to think of developing a material as a plastic substitute. She said that she was also inspired by circular economy so as to create fish waste into something useful.
The material is made from organic fish waste and red algae. The biodegradable is translucent, strong and flexible.

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