Aquatic wild meat to be a part of Conference on Conservation of Migratory Species

The Conference on Conservation of Migratory Species that is to be held in India from February 15 to 22, will be deliberating on shark and ray species listed in the endangered category, apart from the dioscussions on migratory land species.

The conference will be held in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, which will see international as well as national researchers, specialists and environmentalists. Apart from the endangered land animals and birds, the conference would have elaborate session on aquatic wild meat, which is emerging as a global threat on a large scale.

IT has been reported that people’s dependence on aquatic wild meat has grown across temperate, tropical, Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. With respect of dwindling fish resources, the dolphins, whales, sea cows, crocodiles, turtles and seabirds are being targeted in a large scale.

It has been reported that aquatic wild meat harvesting also impacts on wild animal populations and in some cases may even lead to extinction that could upset the ecological system.
Though there are risks involved in consuming aquatic wild meat, they are favourite source of protein in poor countries. The traditional fishermen and women depend more on the aquatic meat taht are mostly enlisted in the endangered category.

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