The Ship owners across the globe have agreed to decarbonise the shipping industry in tune with the United Nations climate change goal. The decision was taken at the annual General meet of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) held at Faroe Islands.

The general meet agreed to the UN International Maritime Organisations goal for less carbon emission. On the occasion, ICS chairman Esben Poulsson said that it was imperative that the member countries adopt a regulation to bring down CO2 emission and also to bring down further by 2020 and even further down in 2030 which would help in meeting the International Maritime Organisation’s goal set for 2030.

He also urged the member states to strictly adhere to the policy and try their level best to bring down carbon emission. He also urged them to for regular audits of energy efficiency management. The meeting also underlined the importance of research on developing zero emission fuels. Apart from this, ICS meet also resolved their commitment to the implementation of sulphur cap from January 2020.